Photo and text by Ryan Robinson | @HandsomeRobinson here again! Last month I was…

Photo and text by Ryan Robinson | @HandsomeRobinson here again! Last month I was in Xianju, China where a team of us highliners weaved this extreme hammock 2,000 feet up in the sky! Tell me, would you lay in it if you had the chance? // About this: It took a few days and a lot of knowledge/skill to create this net. Over a mile of rope went into it! IMPORTANT: Anyone that got into this hammock was wearing a harness and a leash the entire time. .
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  1. L’ideale per chi soffre di vertigini. 😂😂😂

  2. its like your using a big thong from a giant girl😄😄😄😄👌🏻👌🏻

  3. I see a peakdesgn bagpack

  4. If given a chance i will try. I know it’s scary but it must be sooo beautiful up there!

  5. Schitterende mooie foto is dit.😙

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  7. Durgle burg bug finds a nest

  8. @haseebmalikzada I would love to be here.🙂

  9. Amazing but can’t quite imagine how scary it must be when someone moves.

  10. Its more likely a dare to do but its amazing

  11. 😰😰😰😱😱😱

  12. Вы не люди… вы сверхлюди…

  13. Really want to try this…


  15. @x.niamhx you wouldn’t go on this, and you’d make me argue with the man like in Maica…

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