Photo by Quin Schrock @everchanginghorizon, text by Ryan Robinson @HandsomeRobin…

Photo by Quin Schrock @everchanginghorizon, text by Ryan Robinson @HandsomeRobinson | Have you ever stood in a beautiful place and had a feeling like you needed to somehow reflect that beauty in some way? Perhaps you’ve stood on a mountain top and lifted your arms above your head, or done a backflip into a beautiful lake. This is one of the ways I pay my tribute to Yosemite, one of my favorite places on earth! I’ve been doing handstands since I was a child and trust myself to perform them in a place like this. Balance is one of my favorite ways to express myself. Anyone else get this feeling standing in a beautiful place?
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  1. @dallycethe____ don’t ever do this, K?!!! 🤗

  2. Εγω ειμαι αυτος….. Που βγαζει τη φωτογραφία εννοώ.

  3. A rare siting of the crazy man.. nice shot

  4. The light is perfect 👌🏻

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